Choice of surgery extension in medullary thyroid cancer

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Medullary thyroid cancer (MTC) has high level of clinical aggressiveness as well as high recurrence rate par& ticularly metastases in regional lymph nodes. Surgery is single curative treatment method thus only initial appropriate operation volume could improve disease&free and overall survival. In our study the experience of surgical treatment of 125 MTC patients is analyzing. In 25% of cases there were familial MTC (germline RET/MTC mutation verified) disease and in 75% – sporadic tumors. Comparison of ten&years disease&free sur& vival in two groups with various initial surgery extensions revealed that thyroidectomy associated with central neck dissection as a minimal operation volume has significantly improved long&term disease&free survival as against to lesser initial surgery extension.

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P O Rumyantsev


A A Ilyin

U V Rumyantseva


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