Diagnosis difficulties for nodular thyroid disease. Case report

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This article analyzed the tactical error in the diagnosis of nodal thyroid diseases. At the moment, thereis a wide arsenal of instrumental studies, with high accuracy the correct diagnosis before surgery. For the diagnosis of thyroid cancer is common to use a triad of research: ultrasound thyroid hormone study (TSH, fT4), fine-needle aspiration biopsy. If you suspect a metastasis of differentiated thyroid cancer in addition to biopsy it is advisable to explore the washout of the needle for thyroglobulin. In case of suspicion of occult sclerosing microcarcinoma form for the differential diagnosis with aberrant thyroid tissue expedient to thy-roid scintigraphy with pertechnetate. In carrying out scintigraphy with 99mTc pertechnetate sodium extra thyroid tissue accumulates radiopharmaceutical, and lymph node metastaseschanged not

About the authors

Valeriy Vital'yevich Voskoboynikov

Endocrinology Research Centre

Email: vall_nat@rambler.ru

Iya Aleksandrovna Voronkova

Endocrinology Research Centre

Tatyana Vasilyevna Soldatova

Endocrinology Research Centre


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