Diabetic glaucoma: clinical and treatment features

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The purpose of the given work became an estimation of efficiency of drainage surgery and combined preparations at treatment secondary newvascular the complicated diabetic glaucoma at patients with a diabetes militus (DM). Material and methods. Results of 46 operations and 34 cases of conservative therapy by the combined preparations at patients with a diabetic glaucoma and a DM have been investigated. Results. At all patients in the postoperative period the painful syndrome has been stoped and proof reduction in intraocular pressure is received. In the early postoperative period there were following complications: gifema, cataract, reduction of depth of the forward chamber of an eye because of swelling a crystalline lens and detachment a vascular environment. In the late postoperative period “exposure” of a drainage tube, a vascular cataract and dystrophy of cornea were observed “capture” iris. More than in half of cases high preoperative intraocular pressure it was possible to compensate at use of combined preparation Коsopt (MSD, USA). Conclusions. The diabetic glaucoma objectively exists also drainage surgery there should be “the gold standard” treatments of this pathology and its complications at patients with a DM. Combined preparation Коsopt (MSD, USA) has shown high efficiency in reduction in intraocular pressure at patients with a diabetic glaucoma and their preparations for scheduled surgical intervention.

About the authors

D V Lipatov

Email: glas1966@rambler.ru

T A Chistyakov

A G Kuzmin

U V Bautina

M V Tuhovskaya


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