Efficiency and safety of OctreotidLong FS therapy in acromegaly patients

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Aim of this study was to investigate efficiency and safety of OctreotidLong FS in patients with acromegaly. Materials and methods. 41 patients with acromegaly (8 – de novo and 33 patients after different somato statin analogs treatment) was treated OctreotidLong FS one injection in 28 days. Growth hormone (GH), Insulin like Growth Factor 1 (IFG1), fasting glucose (FG) and HbA1c were assess after 3, 6 and 12 month of therapy. Results. We found out the decreasing of GH and IGF1 from 12,8 (8,0–82,7) mU/ml to 3,8 (1,6–13,8) mU/ml ( p < 0,05) and %IGF1 increasing (% IGF1) from 231 (150–286)% to 9,5 (−26–111)% ( p < 0,05) in 8 de novo acromegalic patients. We also revealed that IGF1 didn’t change and GH decreased after 3 month (33 patients), 6 month (22 patients) and 12 month (8 patients) of OctreotidLong FS treatment. We didn’t observed negative effect of OctreotidLong FS treatment to carbohydrate metabolism in patients with acromegaly. Conclusion. The therapy of OctreotidLong FS leads to induce successful control of GH and IGFI in 50% de novo patients and didn’t change the number of patients with control of acromegaly after another somato statin analogs treatment. Carbohydrate metabolism also didn’t change after OctreotidLong FS treatment.

About the authors

A V Dreval’

doktor med. nauk, professor, MONIKI im. M.F. Vladimirskogo.

I V Trigolosova

Email: trigolosova_ira@mail.ru
kand. med. nauk, starshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik, MONIKI im. M.F. Vladimirskogo

A V Vinogradova

vrach, MONIKI im. M.F. Vladimirskogo

R S Tishenina

doktor med. nauk, professor, MONIKI im. M.F. Vladimirskogo.


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