Bilateral synchronous parathyroids cancer and femoral neck fracture as the complications of tertiary hyperparathyroidism

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In the paper has presented the first in Russia observation of bilateral synchronous parathyroids cancer in patient with urolithiasis complicated by chronic pyelonephritis, renal insufficiency with tertiary hyperparathyroidism and femoral neck fracture. During observation of the patient in our hospital were found hyperparathyroid osteodystrophy, medial right femoral neck fracture, very high level of parathormone (1969,0 pg/ml), tumorous of right (16,0 × 17,0 mm) and left (23,0 × 17,0 mm) parathyroid glands located behind of inferior thyroid poles during ultrasound research. Surgical exploration has found bilateral whitish parathyroid tumorous with invasion to right recurrent laryngeal nerve. Were performed right hemithyroidectomy, left thyroid lobe resection and central neck dissections. Parathormone level has decreased to 3.5 times (up to 582 pg/ml.) 20 minutes later after bilateral inferior parathyroidectomies. The regular hemodialysis was restore and six months later was successfully undertaken the hip prosthetics. Two year later after the surgery signs of parathyroid cancer relapses were no found.

About the authors

A F Romanchishen

doktor med. nauk, professor, rukovoditel' Sankt-Peterburgskogo Tsentra endokrinnoy khirurgii, zav. kafedroy gospital'noy khirurgii s kursami travmatologii i VPKh SPbGPMU

Z S Matveeva

kand. med. nauk, assistent kafedry gospital'noy khirurgii s kursami travmatologii i VPKh SPbGPMU

K V Vabalayte

assistent kafedry gospital'noy khirurgii s kursami travmatologii i VPKh SPbGPMU


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