The Use of Chromothyrolymphography for Selection of Surgical Volume in Patients with Thyroid Cancer

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Indirect chromothyrolymphography (ICTLG) utilizes injection of the dye into the Thyroid (T) in order to visu- alize intraorganic lymphatic network, and extra-T lymphatic vessels and regional lymph nodes, as well. In1980- ies we performed a study using either 2-3 ml of 1% Methylene blue in water or alcohol, or 0.4% solu- tion of indigo carmine, or 1% Brilliant green in alcohol to 197 patients. Comparative light microscopic study of 457 stained and unstained cervical lymph nodes was performed. An inexpensive and simple technique, indirect ICTLG gave us an evidence to solve a number of essential questions, such as whether to perform hemithyroidectomy in T1 carcinoma located in the middle of the T gland, or not; to follow the routs of the lymph flow, that are involved in metastasizing of T cancer; and to control parathyroid glands and the recur- rent nerve during resection of the T.

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A F Romanchishen

Saint-Petersburg Pediatric Medical University, Saint-Petersburg, Russain Federation; Saint-Petersburg Center of Endocrine Surgery and Ocology, Saint-Petersburg, Russain Federation


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